At Job Protocol, we’re building the infrastructure to connect talent and opportunity more effectively.

The recruitment industry today is inefficient. Agencies, recruiters, job boards and other talent partners all spend up to 50% of their resources finding clients to work for. Breaking in is hard: you not only need to know what a great candidate looks like and where to find them, you also need to sell your services to clients that are hiring. This creates a lot of double work, and prevents the long tail of niche talent partners from accessing the market.

Job Protocol is an open recruitment network that aims to make hiring more collaborative, fair and transparent. Companies can list open roles with a recruitment bounty, incentivizing their community and our ecosystem of talent partners - freelance recruiters, agencies, communities, job boards, HR tech businesses, publications… - to help attract and vet top talent. By opening up the recruitment process to allow anyone to help out permissionlessly in the hiring process, we make hiring more effective, cheaper and faster.

We break down the recruiting process into the following sets of ‘tasks’, each with its own incentive attached to perform them:

  • Sourcing: making sure the right candidates learn about an opportunity

  • Vetting: figuring out if a candidate and an opportunity match

  • Deciding: running a hiring process to either hire or rejecting a candidate

By building the ‘job protocol’, we want to enable anyone to come in and get paid for helping out finding the best fit for any open role and incentivizing companies to make a timely decision, greatly increasing the efficiency of recruiting and making a level playing field for innovation to happen on top.

We believe that building this kind of infrastructure will accelerate global access to opportunities, creating a more connected world where the best talent society has to offer can work together on the most pressing problems we face as humanity, both leading to more people finding meaningful work and building a better world for us all.

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