Q1 2023

Improve talent partner experience on

Make’s interface easier to use, make job descriptions more detailed, communicate a candidate’s position in the funnel more clearly and improve the onboarding process of new talent partners.

Full data-transparency

As part of our decentralization journey, we want to open up our database to the widest extent possible. That’s why we’ll open up access to our API that will allow anyone to query all information about roles, companies, referrers and candidates that is not sensitive information (e.g. no emails, no personal identifiable information).

To guarantee openness, this data will later be minted on-chain as well, but by opening up access like this we hope the community can start using it already in all kinds of interesting ways.

Mint roles & referrals on-chain

To enable referrers to prove when they referred a candidate, we’ll start minting referrals on-chain. On-chain referrals will contain the following information: a unique id, the role the candidate was referred to, the referrer, the time of referral, and some encrypted information about the candidate like their name and email. Only the referrer, the client and the reviewer (job protocol initially) will have access to this encrypted information, and they can use this to prove which candidate was referred when in case of disputes.

Open job database

Today, there’s no free place where companies can post their open Web3 roles. Furthermore, existing job boards don’t have APIs, making it hard for job curators to easily make a relevant list of currently open roles for their audience.

We’ll build an open job database that contains all roles in Web3, where anyone can easily add new roles for free, and that is accessible to anyone using APIs in an automated way.

Companies will be able to easily add referral bounties to their open roles to incentivize more parties to advertise their roles.

Q2 2023 and beyond

On-chain payments

V1 - Automate payments, governed by JP

  • Client can deposit funds in escrow smart contract

  • Provide on- and off-ramps for clients and referrers, so that they can use fiat systems in case they prefer.

  • Show in-product which roles have bounties that are deposited up-front, to create extra trust with referrers

  • Automatic payments based on date of hire or refund when proof is submitted of the candidate leaving prematurely. Disputes are handled by Job Protocol Inc.

V2 - Fully automated with JP admin rights for emergencies

  • Referrer and client can deposit evidence of 1) date of hire and 2) candidate leaving prematurely.

    • If contested → go to Kleros court

    • If not contested → automatic payment / refund started

  • Job Protocol can always intervene

V3 - Make completely autonomous

  • Remove admin rights of Job Protocol

On-chain role and referrals

V2 - Track company & hiring manager on-chain, to attach reputation to a role

  • Track for each role who’s responsible and do on-chain KYC for them (e.g. using proof of humanity), to further incentivize good behavior.

V3 - Track status (intro’d, rejected, waiting) of each referral, to prove funnel stats

  • Track the status of each referral in the funnel on-chain. This enables on-chain referrer and client reputation.

V4 - Durther decentralize

  • Store candidate information in decentralized storage, to remove default Job Protocol access completely.

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