Governing Structure

The Job Protocol DAO is the organization governing Job Protocol. Its treasury is funded by the network fee, and it is responsible to fund the development and maintenance of Job Protocol and to decide on its parameters.
Job Protocol is governed by its stakeholders:
  • Talent Referrers
  • Clients
  • Client referrers
  • Talent partner referrers
  • Token holders
Decision making is divided into two categories
  • ‘Management decisions’: day-to-day management and treasury decisions are a responsibility of the Job Protocol Board.
  • ‘Governance decisions’: protocol parameter changes and the election of the management board are a responsibility of the stakeholders and are voted on by 50% majority (similar to how most DAOs operate today).
The goal is to take the best of corporate & DAO best-practices:
  • Stakeholders are not only shareholders, but also active participants of the organization. This guarantees long term value creation for both, not only maximal value extraction.
  • The most important decisions are made in a referendum by the stakeholders. Day to day decisions are made by the management board. This guarantees fast decision making and iteration on small decisions, and slow & in-depth decision making for long term important decisions. The management board is voted on periodically by the stakeholders.
The amount of voting power will be dependent on the recency and magnitude of contributions. The exact distribution of votes needs to be determined still, but distributing voting power 50% to token holders and 50% to 50% to other stakeholders seems like a good starting point.